Texas Forever

I am born and (mostly) raised Texan.

I say mostly raised because my family moved around a couple times (read: 5 times) growing up.

One of our many moves led us to Pensacola, FL. Yay for beautiful beaches: IMG_0373

but with great reward (the beautiful beaches) comes great risk (hurricane season).

We evacuated for hurricanes a couple of times, but the most memorable storm came my 6th grade year. Hurricane Katrina. Twelve years later I can still vividly see some of the news stories playing in my head and can still feel the heartbreak I felt as families not only lost their homes, but most importantly their loved ones…

With that being said, I am no stranger to hurricanes. Fast forward 12 years later and here we are again. A city flooding. New Orleans then; Houston now. SO much devastation, SO much heartbreak, and yet SO much pride.

People are coming together like nothing I can remember to help.

It is amazing. It is humbling. It is inspiring. 

I have never felt so proud to be a Texan. Never so proud to be an American.

People are literally risking their lives to save families, neighbors, complete strangers. Not to forget the countless household pets, horses, and livestock that has been saved.

Good folks still exist, y’all ❤️

It’s the coolest thing, watching this play out. While I am so completely heartbroken for Houston and surrounding areas, I am so encouraged by people’s response. The love being shown for one another makes me so joyful. And while the rain is finally stopping (praise Jesus), the love and service of others continues to rain down (praise Jesus even more).

Texas y’all. America y’all. Jesus y’all.

God Bless those who are lending helping hands. It does not go unnoticed.

While this has been a devastating storm, I am so thankful for the reminder that good people are alive and well.

God bless the good folks and Texas Forever

IMG_0158Seabrook, TX

I am SO inspired to help. Please please consider donating to an organization to help with this disaster. Here are a couple of links to some of the many, many great places to donate:

100% of proceeds from this shirt will be donated to Hurricane Harvey relief: https://shop.magnoliamarket.com/products/texas-forever-shirt

Convoy of Hope: https://www.convoyofhope.org/donate/disaster-services-hurricane-harvey-response-2017/

SEND Disaster Relief: https://missionaries.namb.net/projects/full/hurricane-harvey-response

Operation BBQ Relief: https://operationbbqrelief.org





The Joys of Babysitting

Tonight I am babysitting my co-workers two adorable girls.

I am getting to play mom and I am absolutely in love.

This is not the first time I’ve watched these girls–and last time they were WILD. Like the kind of wild where you just say please, please, please be quiet for two seconds so I can find a measuring cup in this foreign kitchen….ya know, stuff mom’s deal with on a regular basis–screaming kiddos and cooking dinner.

But tonight i’m getting to experience another side of life with kids.  And let me tell ya, it is gooooooooood. These sweeties came and snuggled up to me while we watched Frozen and ate pizza and colored pictures of princesses.

They made me feel so loved and I just kept thinking, I love babysitting these sweeties, I can’t wait for the day I have my own sweeties, and this is a solid way to spend a Saturday night.

Here’s to many more Saturday nights with pizza, Disney movies, and the sweetest kiddos around (but none of mine for at least a few years).

So. much. joy.

Shout out to you, babysitting.

I’m with ya, Sister

Tonight I am so thankful.

Thankful for weekend getaways with the best of friends that just do the soul good. Ya know what I mean?

I went to my old college town this past weekend and caught up with two of my very best friends. One of which has been facing the exact same struggles I am going through and neither one of us knew it–because hello, we are all living perfect lives and never facing any struggles or trials or hardships. duh.

I am so thankful that we could be vulnerable with each other and express how disheartened we both were feeling in our job search and in our future plans, that we both are longing for what’s next. I just kept saying “i’m with ya, sister.”

“I don’t have a clue what I’m gonna do if I don’t get a job soon” …I’m with ya sister

“I feel so lost” …I’m with ya sister

“I have no idea what i’m doing with my life” … I’m with ya sister

“I wish I had it all figured out and we could just skip to the “good” part where I’m married with a fabulous job and a dog” … I’m with ya sister

“I am so glad that Jesus has this all figured out and I honestly don’t have to worry about it” I’m with ya sister.

With that we both realized will be okay because God has a plan and He is good. 

let me say that again for those in the back (me)… it will be okay because God is so good.

Life is not perfect, in fact we are actually promised to live lives full of ups and downs. But that is where growth comes from- that retraction phase where you feel like you are really going no where at all and its never going to get better when in reality the tension is building (like pulling back on an arrow) and something so good is in the works. Sometimes we have to stall or even move backwards to be catapulted forward into the best to come.

I am thankful that my friends and I didn’t have to hide behind social media’s “picture perfect” pressure that we feel that we have to live up to. I’m thankful that we could be real with our struggles and real with our love.  Friends are so needed y’all.

This weekend was filled with so much joy, so much advice, so much “i’m with ya sister,” and so much life.

This weekend was good.

Home on the Horizon

The past few weeks I’ve felt “off.” I had no other explanation when asked what’s wrong by friends, co-workers, and my family other than “I just feel off.” Last week I came across an anonymous quote that perfectly sums up my emotions that I couldn’t put into words.

“I don’t know where i’m going, but i’m on my way there.”

It hit me like a sack of bricks–I am homesick. So completely homesick…Homesick for my family, homesick for a sense of belonging, homesick for my future life where I can settle down and grow roots.

I have spent the past year working all across the country in several states.  This year of travel and adventure has been an absolute blast of a year that I will cherish forever… but I can’t push away the longing I have to be settled, to finally be home again.

I’m missing a place I’ve yet to find with a man I’ve yet to meet.

But I have faith that good things are coming; home is on the horizon.  I can’t wait to run through the doors and wrap up my family in my arms, to finally feel like I belong again, to grow roots, and to once again be

home, sweet home.

Oh deer…

About a month and a half ago, I came home from a wedding in Arkansas.

It had been a long, lonely drive and I was needing some fresh air and company. The cool Missouri summer has been a welcome change from the Texas heat i’ve grown up in so I opted to sit out on the back porch and catch up with an old friend over the phone.

As I walked outside I immediately noticed a mama deer in the backyard right along the tree line.  We stared at each other for a long time before going on about our business–me chatting away on the phone; her chomping on the nearby grass.

This became a nightly ritual as she came to the yard around dusk every night for the next week and a half and I met her on the porch to talk on the phone…until she stopped coming around. Sad day.

A week or so passed with no sightings then one night I saw no only mama, but mama and two fawns!

Mama was laying in the backyard and the sweet babies were frolicking around without a care in the world.

Long story short, the deer are alive and well and appear to be quite happy, sometimes things are taken away for a short time only to be brought back better than we could’ve imagined, and its the little things in life that matter.

Like sitting on the back porch watching baby deer play in the grass on a cool summer night.IMG_5586