Hi there,

My name is Taylor. I thought long and hard to come up with a creative name for this thing that really captured my personality and whatnot, and I drew a blank for a long, long time. I love old country music, the classics ya know like Conway Twitty, George Jones, Waylon Jennings, etc. One day, Ramblin’ Man was stuck in my head and I got to thinking about what that word actually means.

Ramble: noun, a walk taken for pleasure, especially in the countryside

The countryside is the first place I go when I need space to breathe, when I am overwhelmed, when I am any and every emotion. It helps me feel close to the Lord, it helps me feel right in my soul, lighter and free-er (more free? freeeeer? you get the point).

This blog is all about my life: my faith, my adventures, my cooking, my random thoughts as I ramble down the road, and anything else that comes to my  heart. Thank you for tuning in!

Let’s take a walk in the country side!


The Ramblin’ Woman