Hey there,

My name is Taylor. I have a love affair with wide open spaces, butter, and the cowboy way.

When I initially started down this blogging road, I wanted a name that described what I was doing: telling my story.  I thought long and hard about myself and my life and how i’m just ramblin’ along with no where in particular to go and nothing in particular to do… and it hit me.

To ramble, by definition, is to take a walk for pleasure, especially in the countryside.

The countryside is the first place I go when I need space to breathe, when I am overwhelmed, when I am any and every emotion. It helps me feel close to the Lord, right in my soul, lighter and free-er (more free? freeeeer? you get the point).

This blog is all about my life: my faith, my adventures, my cooking, my random thoughts as I ramble down the road, and anything else that comes to my  heart. Thank you for tuning in.

Let’s take a walk in the country side.

With Love,

The Ramblin’ Woman