I have only been to Whole Foods two times before: once to buy dark chocolate covered almonds (my fave) while living in Kentucky and once when my mom and I tried to find something funky to cook for dinner (we found purple potatoes). Needless to say, I don’t shop at Whole Foods or boutique grocery stores.

Tonight my friend and I went to Whole Foods. I was wanting some good produce, apples specifically, and Laura suggested we go there.  I was up for something other than Walmart, so we headed out after work.

Fresh flowers, brightly colored fruit, and a plethora of people greeted us as we walked through the door, yet only one thing stood out to me: NON-GMO labels galore. I had to search long and hard to find “conventional” apples as most everything I saw was labeled non-GMO. BLAH. I bought some grape fruit and we left as I do not support “non-GMO”.

I got to thinking on the way home about how I don’t advocate for agriculture like I hoped I would after graduation.  Here I am, with a degree in agriculture, having worked on a farm, and I’m doing nothing to advocate for it other than respond to a couple of Facebook posts here and there to inform my friends when they are being extremely wrong. (i.e. Chickens being fed other chickens….nope)

When you search “gmo” on Google, the first thing that pops up is the Non-GMO Project. Honestly, that terrifies me.  This group is using scare tactics to tell you what to think about the food you are putting in your body.  There was not one agency, not one scholarly source that appeared anywhere on the first page of results.  Nothing from the USDA, nothing from Purdue, nothing at all but blogs and groups that bully you into believing them.

I studied GMOs in several classes during my college career.  One class in particular, Rural Development, talked about the benefits of GMOs.  We had a debate at the end of the class and you had to advocate for or against the use of GMOs.  While there are several benefits such as decreased pesticide use, higher yields, etc. I have included a link at the bottom with more information.

According to, there are only 10 GMO products commercially available: squash, cotton, soybean, corn, papaya, alfalfa, sugar beets, canola, potato, and most recently apples.

What does this mean? The “non GMO” lettuce is no different from any other lettuce as no lettuce is GMO. Same with the strawberries, same with the grapes, same with practically everything else on the market.  Groups are scaring the general public, and it is working.

I believe that GMOs are necessary to feed the world as the population is continuing to grow and land available to farm does not. GMOs have also been around for quite some time now, dating back to Golden Rice.

I respect that everyone should have a choice in regards to what they are eating.  It is up to you whether or not you want to eat something modified or not, but please, please, please educate yourself and others!!!

Listed below are links to several places with more information:

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