Wide Open Spaces

I am a sucker for wide open spaces.


I am a sucker for horses and cattle. I am a sucker for all things old-fashioned.

This weekend, a couple friends came to visit me in Oklahoma, so we took a day trip up to Pawhuska. Along our journey we found all sorts of wide open spaces, horses and cattle,  and old-fashioned treasures. My heart is happy.

I also have a love for the Pioneer Woman.  I have used her recipes many times and enjoy her blog. Hey Ree, let’s be friends! Once in Pawhuska, we stopped into The Mercantile to pick up tickets for a tour of The Lodge on Drummond Ranch.  This tour absolutely did not disappoint.

The Lodge was so homey with its exposed beams, warm wood accents, cozy furnishings, and beautiful views of the ranch. It also was filled with all the things that make my heart skip a beat, including….


dishes so bright just looking at them made you happy!


rustic and western details throughout,


and of course, the views I could stare at for a lifetime and never grow tired of.

Drummond family, thank you a million times over for opening up your homestead for people like me to come visit. The generosity of this is not lost on me.

And I must say, I am rather jealous that you get to have these views and cattle and horses everyday, but I am filled with peace and a lighter spirit after this visit and filled with a greater hope for my own family ranch one day.


the sucker for wide open spaces


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