Weekend Adventures

I am very tired. My boss and I worked all weekend to prep for our rodeo that starts this week (yay!)

A lot of work got done, a lot of memories were made, and a lot of laughter was had. One of the reasons I started this blog was so I could jot down random things that happened in my day/life and look back on them.  This weekend was full of them so here goes:

  1. Saturday afternoon I walked into Sara’s office with the Razorback game playing on my phone. We had bonded earlier about our love for college football. There was less than 4 minutes in the game with a very close score. I propped the phone up on Sara’s desk and picked up my bowl of food to keep eating it. Within a matter of seconds the phone started to fall and A&M in the red zone people, no bueno. Naturally I dropped, quite literally, everything I was doing (eating, and therefore holding a bowl of food) to catch the phone so we could watch the play…in that one action my bowl of food flew ALL over the office. I’m talking a 7-foot radius of food looking much like a crime scene…. needless to say, I don’t know what the play was or what happened as a result as I stood there in shock looking at the food I had just thrown all over my boss’ office. Oops. Sorry boss lady. We laughed so hard after realizing what exactly had happend.  I also spent the rest of the game siting on the floor laughing about how I am so unbelievably clumsy and watching the Razorbacks loose. again. Hello again Heartbreak Hogs, I wish I could say it is nice to see you again.
  2. Sara and I took a break Sunday afternoon to get our nails done. What a lovely treat it was. As we are walking out of the parking garage, the cross bar that stops cars from leaving without paying comes crashing down on both of us as if to say “Hello, just checking to see if you’re alert. Obviously you are not.” Again– so. much. laughter… and lots confusion what just happened.  The tiredness is leaking into our brains.
  3. Catching flies in the office. Running after flies in the office to kill them. There are lots of flies in the office.
  4. Seeing how many of Dale Brisby’s sayings we can sneak into normal conversation without anyone noticing. Real fun game ol’ son.
  5. Too many others, but lots of fun.

Let me tell you, working on weekends is not at all bad when you work with good people. I am thankful for rodeos, being able to call Sara a friend, and the laughter that was had.

Here’s to continuing the laughter all week.


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